1. San Diego beach days

  2. Summers coming to an end but it doesn’t feel like it here in San Diego

  3. I was super stoked to work with Otterbox and the Preserver Series. Had an amazing day with the family at the beach, shooting and playing around.

  4. Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
    Søren Kierkegaard

  5. Explore the old and abandoned

  6. The early bird

  7. Enjoy the view

  8. Daddy Day Care.

  9. Met up with Cody Hanson the other night and made his stand on a shady table near this huge cliff. He’s young. He can afford it

  10. Got a few waves this weekend

  11. The sun only sets like this twice a year in la jolla, straight down the pier. I had to get a front row seat as all the crazy landscape photographers were yelling I was in their shot.

  13. It’s Friday but Sundays coming


  14. juandiegocarmona said: This isn't a question, but I love your Baja Sunrise formula on the Mextures app

    Thanks man! That’s one of my favorite formulas and I’m glad you’re stoked on it

  15. Sunday brunch with the fam